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The Purpose of POSTECH A3 Metamaterials Forum
   · The purpose of the Workshop is to present and share the current research trend and future direction of Metamaterials.  Invited international key opinion leaders, who have their expertise on the research topics, will share their candid insights on the most critical issues in the research areas today. At the same time, POSTECH groups will share their research strength, capability, and achievements on the research topics, mutually exploring any possible international collaboration. 
   · Many faculty members and researchers in ME have been working on Metamaterials. In addition, this workshop will seek the synergic impact on the science from the clustered metamaterial research topics, as well as the commercialization of the metamaterial devices and systems developed from the Department of Mechanical Engineering in POSTECH.

   · Metamaterials    
   · Plasmonics
   · Light-matter interactions
   · Photonic materials and devices
   · Nanofabrication

Pohang University of Science and Technology or POSTECH is a private university, located in PohangSouth Korea, which is dedicated to research and education in science and technology. In 1998, it was ranked by Asiaweek as the best science and technology university in Asia. In 2010, Times Higher Education ranked the university as the 28th best university in the world, the third best in Asia, and the best in South Korea. In 2011, QS World University Rankings ranked the university 98th overall in the world.


POSTECH was established by Park Tae-joon, the CEO of POSCO. The university's founding president was Dr. Hogil Kim, who envisioned a research-oriented institution for Korea modeled after CalTech. POSTECH was the initial of Pohang Institute of Science and Technology. The official opening of the university took place on December 3, 1986.


The university has 11 undergraduate departments and 15 graduate departments which include five professional schools.

    Academic departments

    • Physics
    • Chemistry
    • Life Science
    • Mathematics
    • Materials Science and Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Industrial and Management Engineering
    • Computer Science & Engineering
    • Electronic and Electrical Engineering
    • Chemical Engineering
    • Creative IT Excellence Engineering
    • Division of Humanities and Social Sciences

    Professional Graduate Schools

    • School of Interdisciplinary Bioscience and Bioengineering (I-BIO)
    • School of Environmental Science and Engineering (SEE)
    • Graduate School for Information Technology (GIST)
    • Graduate Institute of Ferrous Technology (GIFT)
    • Graduate Program for Technology & Innovation Management (TIM)
    • Division of IT Convergence Engineering (ITCE)
    • Division of Advanced Nuclear Engineering
    • Division of Advanced Materials Science
    • Graduate School for Wind Energy


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